A look back at 2022 and the year ahead

Take a look at our Managing Director's recap of 2022 plus a litttle insight into some of what's coming in 2023.

Jonathan Keighley
February 1, 2023

As we leave a very strong 2022 behind which involved lots of 20-year celebrations from the team, including Escape Room antics – don’t worry we all made it out! Some amusing flashback social posts (check out this little video - https://youtu.be/TZY2D5cHq9k), get to know the team social posts, and brilliant Christmas party celebrations. I am happy to also announce some of our notable new customer gains including Appian, Vodafone, Orbis and Siteimprove which resulted in pipeline generated from the early quarters and throughout.

Last year was also a huge year for us in terms capability enhancements, as well as brand new functionality. This resulted is significant and always appreciated feedback from our users who are experiencing an increasing hybrid approach to customer value engagements. This is leading to a more inclusive and collaborative approach across all sales facing teams, mainly led by sellers, centralising access, and creating value content to truly deliver a digital value selling methodology.

It seems more people are going back to their offices to work, and this will ultimately drive an increase in local and global travel. This includes more car, train journeys, and flights for all customer-facing teams –therefore having these teams use the right SaaS digital platforms to improve operational efficiencies is critical moving into 2023.

Of course, at Shark Finesse we are all about promoting our platform as the best for building value and ROI cases for our customer’s customer. And for some organisations, with the focus on increasing profit (and then growth), buyers will seek out the value proposition from many suppliers and their partners. So, this is your time to differentiate and disrupt the buying process in your favour; helping to accelerate decisions, uncovering more opportunities and to take more money off the table.

Here’s to a happy year ahead for value selling!

What we do

At Shark Finesse we have developed an enterprise-grade cloud application to help businesses standardise and simplify their value engagements across the entire customer journey.

Shark, a business value engagement platform used by 1000’s of customer-facing teams globally (e.g. pre-sales, sales, value teams, and customer success) is easy to use, intuitive and usable directly with the customer to negotiate the likely business returns from investing in a solution.

By adopting the Shark approach you will fundamentally transform conversations with new and existing customers, close more business, and differentiate from the competition.