Business Case Software

To help you win budget and change the way you talk to customers about business value.

Everything you need to create customer specific, ROI-based business cases for your solutions and services. It's easy to use, intuitive and usable directly with the customer to negotiate the likely business returns from investing in your solution.

Shark software is used by pre-sales, sales, value teams and customer success to ensure that proposals are cost-effective and fully differentiated from the competition.

It's increased sales conversion rates across large and small businesses. With a flexible and user-friendly approach, and local language options, it has established international use throughout both public and private sectors.

Business cases
made easy

Shark software has an easy to follow, step-by-step process to quantify the value for an investment in your solutions and services.

Step 1

Identify business benefits

Agree the benefits that could arise from the implementation of your solutions or services - in other words, how your customer could save money or generate revenue by working with you.

Labor Saving
Activity Time Savings
Revenue Gain
Net Present Value (NPV)
5 months
5 months
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Step 2

Shark software calculates ROI

Behind the scenes, Shark software uses an ROI calculator to manage all the maths for you. Shark software will calculate the value of the agreed benefits, compares them against costs and produces the 3 key recognised ROI measures:

NPV - Net Present Value

Today’s view of how much you can make from the money you've put in.

Learn more about NPV

IRR - Internal Rate of Return

The percentage return you'll get back each year.

Learn more about IRR

Payback Period

How long it'll take to get all your original money back.

Learn more about Payback
Step 3

Business case generation

Shark software generates all the components of a business case in an easy to read format. You’ll receive the reports, spreadsheets, and presentations that your client needs to convince their boss, their colleagues or the board - with all the facts and figures of your value proposition, set out in straight-forward and believable way.


Using Shark and Business Value in the Customer Journey

Use Shark for marketing as well as value disruption.
Create a hypothetical business case setting the foundations for full business case engagement.
Full business case engagement with your customer / prospect discussing the value of your solution or service.
Use the original business case as a baseline for Customer Success – compare where we are to where we thought we’d be.
Using the customer success review stage for potential identification of new services or upselling opportunities.
Grow value data universe driving new capability.
Labor Saving
Activity Time Savings
Labor Saving
Shorter Sales Cycle
Reduce Revenue Leakage
Improve Attach Rate
Litigation Avoided
Reduce Haulage Costs
Process Time Savings
Penalty Avoidance
Revenue Gain
Labor Saving
Reduce Capital Costs
Activity Time Savings
Cost of Mistakes
Labor Saving
Cost of Mistakes
Reduce Sales Discount
Reduce Marketing Costs
Improve Efficiency
Additional Revenue
Shorter Sales Cycle
Faster Yes Decisions
Faster No-Go Decisions
Improve Cash Collection

Use one of
200+ benefit calculators
or create your own

We have the calculators to cover many benefit scenarios. But what if you can’t find the right calculator? Use our Benefit Discovery Workshops where we will work with you to create the perfect benefit calculator.


Get a head start,
use a template

Shark can ship with pre-defined templates that are tailored to your requirements giving you the perfect way to start a business case session.


Ask your prospect for
the right data, the right way

Use the business case survey to kick start your session by asking your prospects for some key data about their business. Configure it in Shark, send the survey link to your prospect, and then open the results in a Shark session. It couldn’t be simpler!


Give Shark the look with theming and branding

Use one of the built-in themes, add your logo and brand colours to the reports, stylise the presentation with your PPT template and brand the business case questionnaire.

You will be in great

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