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Broad Compatibility

Shark is web-based. It can be used on many devices (mobile, tablet, laptop etc) and can be installed as a web app.

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Being a web-based app doesn’t mean it can’t be used offline. You can create and manage sessions without internet connection!

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Shark is available in 7 languages (English UK and US, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch). All currency and number formats can be accommodated.

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Shark is used by Marketing, Pre-sales, Sales as well as Customer Success – it’s one solution platform to support the entire customer value journey, so you don’t need to worry about swapping and changing between different value management solutions.

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Simple and easy to follow UI

Shark Finesse pioneered this collaborative approach to value management with software that was developed before the Dot-com bubble crash of 2002. Our unique software interface is designed to stimulate conversations about what is really happening inside your customer’s business and how your products or services can help and ultimately add value to their business.

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Ready to use

Available off-the-shelf version containing over 200 benefits calculators across multiple industries. Rest assured, if you use this version of Shark, each customer has their own individual environment, no one else will be able to see your business cases (unless you choose to share them of course).

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Your company, products or customers may be unique therefore the conversations and the language that you use may be very specific. Shark value calculators can be customised to ensure they clearly reflect the conversations that you are having.

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Enhanced Benefit Features

Shark is designed to get your customers talking, so you need to ensure that your conversations are accurately reflected in Shark as well as the outputs. Each benefit calculator within Shark contains notes functionality so you can record details of the conversations that you are having, growth rate functionality as the benefit may grow (or shrink) over time, start and end month functionality as not every benefit will start from day 1 and much more!

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Flexible Benefit Inputs

Shark contains blank benefit calculators so users can add one-off benefit data that don’t fit into existing benefit calculators. You can also include benefits with zero financial impact but that are still important to your customer and therefore need to be included in the business case.

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Multiple Content Assets

Reports, presentation and spreadsheets are generated in docx, pptx and xlsx for use in your preferred software (Microsoft Office and Google Docs etc.).

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Data Lists

Shark also generates emails and interactive online questionnaires that can be shared with customers to collect data, this data is then automatically fed back into Shark software

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There are options to incorporate your company logo and brand colours into the software and outputs.

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Share business cases with other users of Shark to gain their input and feedback.

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Single Sign-On

Okta, Azure AD, SAML

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CRM Integration app exchange Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Cyber Essentials

Shark Finesse has achieved certificates for both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Benefits of Shark Value Management Platform

By focusing on the value your solution or service offers, Shark helps you to differentiate from your competition.
Shark enables you to discover a ‘no-decision’ buyer sooner.
Shark has been proven to reduce your sales cycle and increase conversion rates.
Eliminate the use of internally built tools and spreadsheets therefore avoiding maintenance, updates and testing.
Designed to be used directly with the customer, through a user friendly and transparent UI that stimulates conversations that will uncover your customers true pain points and issues.
Helps to create a scalable, unified and repeatable value-based selling approach.
A single solution platform for all of your value management requirements.

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