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We know what’s involved in business cases and winning customer decisions. Shark Finesse Ltd was born in a time when no business case meant no PO.

Sales and Pre-sales were spending hours quoting, demoing, and explaining things, but the financial benefits case was never available. Sales thought the customer would do it, and we at SFL knew they wouldn’t.

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So, in 2002 we designed a software product that facilitated asking simple questions about how a business could be different after deploying new solutions, what value it could bring to the business and then finally creating a business case with the right language to win budget – all without a huge spreadsheet and complicated maths in sight!

A pretty big claim…yes, and Microsoft, Siteimprove, Siemens, and Sitecore see the benefits of engaging customers to build a business case that they can believe in. Those same customers, irrespective of their financial background can go and secure the budget needed from their customers.

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We work with companies from all over the world, covering many different industries and their wide-ranging solutions.

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