Shark for Pre-Sales

Whether you are a consulting value engineer, solution architect or product manager, use Shark to engage your customer to discover the true value of your solution.

By adopting this collaborative approach, you are ensuring your customer is brought into the value conversation and will be your sponsor when you’re not there.

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Using Shark and Business Value in the Customer Journey

Use Shark for marketing as well as value disruption.
Create a hypothetical business case setting the foundations for full business case engagement.
Full business case engagement with your customer / prospect discussing the value of your solution or service.
Use the original business case as a baseline for Customer Success – compare where we are to where we thought we’d be.
Using the customer success review stage for potential identification of new services or upselling opportunities.
Grow value data universe driving new capability.

Ask your prospect for
the right data, the right way

Use the business case survey to kick start your session by asking your prospects for some key data about their business. Configure it in Shark, send the survey link to your prospect, and then open the results in a Shark session. It couldn’t be simpler!


Get a head start,
use a template

Shark can ship with pre-defined templates that are tailored to your requirements giving you the perfect way to start a business case session.

Business cases
made easy

Shark software has an easy to follow, step-by-step process to quantify the value for an investment in your solutions and services.

Step 1

Identify business benefits

Agree the benefits that could arise from the implementation of your solutions or services - in other words, how your customer could save money or generate revenue by working with you.

Labor Saving
Activity Time Savings
Revenue Gain
Net Present Value (NPV)
5 months
5 months
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Step 2

Shark software calculates ROI

Behind the scenes, Shark software uses an ROI calculator to manage all the maths for you. Shark software will calculate the value of the agreed benefits, compares them against costs and produces the 3 key recognised ROI measures:

NPV - Net Present Value

Today’s view of how much you can make from the money you've put in.

Learn more about NPV

IRR - Internal Rate of Return

The percentage return you'll get back each year.

Learn more about IRR

Payback Period

How long it'll take to get all your original money back.

Learn more about Payback
Step 3

Business case generation

Shark software generates all the components of a business case in an easy to read format. You’ll receive the reports, spreadsheets, and presentations that your client needs to convince their boss, their colleagues or the board - with all the facts and figures of your value proposition, set out in straight-forward and believable way.


What are people saying?

Building a sound business case is the foundation for any Enterprise software purchase. Often, we find that our internal Champions are part of the acquisition process for the first time and have no experience in setting up a credible business case structure. By incorporating Shark Finesse into our Enterprise sales process, we can act as trusted advisors. Sharing our own product experience, wrapped up in the valuable outputs that SF offer. This is so effective that we have incorporated a SF questionnaire into our Salesforce workflow. This allows our Accounts Executives to quickly and consistently get into the tough “value” conversation that is critical in any of today’s enterprise deals. We find that it is very rare for our prospects to truly understand their detailed cost of operation and it is therefore difficult to define value and returns. Working with SF we have the ability to surface that “value” much earlier in the sales process and focussing our conversations to where it matters for our prospects and customers.

Lee Child

Shark Finesse has proved an extremely useful tool to Wealth Dynamix in more quickly, easily and accurately articulating the business value delivered by our solutions.

Johnny Beloe

We have been using the Shark Finesse software for over a year, to help our business development team to develop clear and accurate financial business cases for our new clients. The software is incredibly user friendly and the Shark team could not have been any more helpful in terms of set-up and customisation. It has improved the way that we do business significantly and added a very valuable step to our sales process. It has never been easier to clearly illustrate the financial benefits of buying our software, which helps us massively as we try to grow our business. Our customers have commented on how easy the metrics are to understand, and in almost all cases, our clients will use the outputs and reports to build into their own internal financial reporting. We would have absolutely no issue recommending the Shark Finesse software to other businesses.

Nicky Boyle

ANS started using Shark as we wanted to develop a structured process for collaboratively engaging customers with value conversations and building business cases. We have already seen fantastic results with customers, indeed a number of them contacting Shark Finesse themselves as they have been so impressed. The Shark platform now forms the underlying structure for our value engineering team for all our engagements and enables us to deliver value to our customers. The team at Shark Finesse are always quick to help and nothing is too much trouble, we would not hesitate in recommending them and their software to anyone that wants to put value as the focus of their customer conversations.

Gareth Ainsworth

" required the Shark Finesse solution to deliver Business Value Assessments for our customers, to demonstrate the value and savings they could realise through the delivery of Microsoft Dynamics and’s services. The Shark Finesse team are very professional, helpful and supported the team to integrate the use of their software tool alongside our existing processes. Our customers have also commented on how easy the Shark tool and deliverables are to understand and use internally as part of a business case to demonstrate the value of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365."

George Morton

"Fast return on investment. Whether manufacturing, wholesale or services - our ERP system is geared to the requirements of medium-sized companies to the core. Our aim is to quickly generate added value for the business with our solution, to support business processes, identify potential for optimization and generate growth. For us, a good ERP investment includes a quick ROI. It has never been easier with Shark Finesse to clearly show the benefits and the ROI for our customers and prospects in a structured manner. Shark Finesse helps us to develop the business case quickly and professionally. Thanks to the sophisticated cloud software, we get the results very easily at the push of a button."

Andree Albrecht

"Sales is ever evolving and Siemens puts great emphasis on developing its professional sales force, delivering insightful solutions that bring real value and innovation to our clients operations. To help us achieve this we have utilised Shark's tools for a number of years, their team are highly professional and a real pleasure to work with, tailoring the platforms to meet our own and our customers needs. We can always rely on Shark, and look forward to future collaborations together."

Sean McDonagh

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