Shark Training

We train your team - not only the users of Shark software, but also other team members who will be supporting them.

Our qualified trainers cover topics such as the ROI investment measures, when and how to use Shark software in the sales process, as well as tips and tricks to maximise results. All training is based on the customers own business offerings and is built around real-life sales scenarios encountered by their team.

The customer is in control of the agenda and we tailor the training to their needs. The session can be one or two days depending on capability and prior experience.

Some of the topics that are usually covered:

Shark software usage (of course!)
The customer’s need for business cases
The ‘Do-Nothing’ decision-maker
Return On Investment measures
Board decision making
Customer questioning techniques

We can deliver training globally in the location of choice or arrange remote-based sessions.

To further this skills transfer, we can assist our customers in building ROI-based business cases using Shark software live with their own clients or prospects. This allows our customers to see how their customer reacts to the process and it gives them the opportunity to pick our brains for knowledge based on our experiences when building business cases.


Using Shark and Business Value in the Customer Journey

Use Shark for marketing as well as value disruption.
Create a hypothetical business case setting the foundations for full business case engagement.
Full business case engagement with your customer / prospect discussing the value of your solution or service.
Use the original business case as a baseline for Customer Success – compare where we are to where we thought we’d be.
Using the customer success review stage for potential identification of new services or upselling opportunities.
Grow value data universe driving new capability.

You will be in great

We work with companies from all over the world, covering many different industries and their wide-ranging solutions.

A few of these customers include...