Creating an effective marketing pitch deck

What is a marketing pitch deck? What should be included? How to make your marketing pitch deck effective? This article addresses all of these questions!

Shark Finesse
June 1, 2022

What is a marketing pitch deck?

A marketing pitch deck is a short presentation used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. Many companies use this during online, or face-face meetings with customers or stakeholders. It is usually the first tool of communication that acts as a sales pitch to help prospects understand your plans and ideas before committing to any expenses. It is proven that half of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information meaning that using a pitch deck to portray your initial ideas for a new project is a great idea!

What to include in a pitch deck?  

There are many ways to create a great marketing pitch deck, all depending on your audience and product. Below is a great structure to follow when creating your pitch deck:

- Introduction - include some brief information about who you are and why you are here. It is always best to keep this short.

- Your team - include information on the people behind the idea and describe each of their roles in the project. 

- The problem - describe what the problem is your product or service is trying to solve including why this is a problem.  

- The solution - describe your product or service and include how your product or service is solving the problem and how it is different from others on the market. 

- Traction - make sure to include evidence from a measurable set of customers to help prove why they need your product or service.  

- Target market - include details on your potential target market and its size. 

- Competitors - give some details on other products and services that may do the same or similar to yours. 

- Business model - Include details on how you plan to make money with outlining a schedule with when you believe you will make revenue.

- Investing - outline your planned budget and how much you are looking for from investors or stakeholders. 

- Contact details - leave your details for people to easily contact you after the presentation.

How to make your marketing pitch deck effective?

Now you have a great structure to your pitch deck, it is very important to think about including some other features to help make your pitch deck stand out from the rest. Firstly, it is best to make a great first impression, start your presentation with confidence and maybe a visual element such as a video to draw your audience in. During your presentation make sure you tell a story by including emotive elements such as a funny story about how the idea for your product or service came about. Also, make sure to include visuals such as videos, GIFs or infographics to back up your information.

Ensure you don’t make your pitch deck too long or text heavy - you could portray your messaging in a short, more engaging video instead. Finally, most importantly know your numbers and information - there is nothing worse than not being able to answer a question because you haven’t done enough research.  

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