How do sales and marketing work together?

In this article we discuss ways in which sales and marketing teams work together and why its beneficial for everyone when they do.

Shark Finesse
July 12, 2022

You may believe that sales and marketing teams should not be the two teams to work together in a company, however, there are many business benefits when the two teams combine. We discuss what both sales and marketing teams look to achieve in a company and some of the benefits they may bring when they both work together.

What is sales?

The definition of sales is where money or value is exchanged for the ownership of goods or an entitlement to a service. The term ‘sale’ is the transaction, whereas ‘sales’ is the process which results in the transaction. Many companies have dedicated teams that are solely there to sell their product or service. The main aim of a sales team is to reach out to those who have shown an interest in their product or service that fit the description of the target customer and help them find a solution to their problem resulting in a sale.

What is marketing?

Marketing can be described as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. The term can be difficult to describe as marketing is usually present in all stages of any business. The aim of marketing is to portray a product or service’s value for prospects and consumers through different forms of content with the long-term goal of increasing sales and brand loyalty. To get consumers interested in your company’s product or service the marketing team undertakes market research to understand the ideal customer’s interests.

How do sales and marketing work together?

There are many benefits if the sales and marketing teams work together in a business. One way sales and marketing work together is that marketing can help to warm up the customer before allowing the sales team to take over and carry out a sale. The marketing content the prospects consume before consulting with a member of the sales team has helped them to understand the product or service advertised before delving deeper into how it may help them on a more personal level.

Another benefit of sales and marketing teams working together is that sales can help marketing to better understand the customer. This is due to the sales team spending all their time with the customer getting to know their needs and the challenges they face, helping to give a more unique insight into the minds of the customers. This can then help the marketing team to create more tailored marketing strategies leading to further potential customers.

A third way sales and marketing work together is that the sales team can give some great feedback on the marketing team’s efforts. Sometimes the marketing team may find it difficult to gauge how well a marketing campaign is received, however the sales team can gather opinions from the customer face-to-face about any issues they may have come across with any marketing content and feed this back to the marketing team. This can also help to lead to the marketing team creating better marketing materials in the future as they can tailor different campaigns to the target audience based on some of the feedback they receive from the sales team.

A final benefit of the sales and marketing team working together is that the company itself can create stronger relationships between different teams. The more communication between the sales and marketing teams the stronger the work and relationships will be, meaning they can rely more on each other to hit their targets and impress potential buyers.

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