How to improve sales effectiveness

What is sales effectiveness and how can you improve it within your business?

Shark Finesse
January 25, 2022

As companies continue to grow and sales continue to rise, it is important to stay on top of measuring sales effectiveness and look for new ways to improve this to grow your company. Even if you believe you are performing well and selling your products effectively there are always some ways you can improve to boost sales further.

What is sales effectiveness?

Sales effectiveness is a company’s ability to generate sales, the more effective the sales process the greater the sales performance that then drives meaningful progress towards increasing the profits and reaching the goals of the company. Sales effectiveness should not only be improved for generating sales, but improving sales effectiveness will also streamline your company’s sales process to gain sales faster.

Ways to improve sales effectiveness:

Set business goals:

One of the main ways to improve sales effectiveness for your company is to make sure you and all your employees are clear about what the company’s main goals are. An example of a potential goal you could set is to ‘increase sales by 15% in the next 3 months’. Setting business goals helps to measure success and enables you to pick up on and resolve any potential factors that may be causing you to not hit your targets and therefore reducing the effectiveness of your sales. It is best for you to set business goals for every day, week, month and year as this helps to give full visibility of the company’s goals to all of your sales reps.  

Identify your ideal customer:

Another great way to help improve sales effectiveness is to identify and create your ideal customer profile for each service or product you are selling. This enables you to directly address their needs and address how your service or product will benefit them, as well as assisting your sales team to pitch directly to the specific customer rather than using amore general sales technique. Ask yourself, who they are (gender, age, demographic), where they are based (location) and what they are in need of (how will your product or service help their problem). Once you have identified this you are able to put together a more specific sales pitch to help improve your sales effectiveness.

Ensure you have a repeatable sales process:

Having an effective and customer-specific sales process is just the beginning, this needs to be able to be repeated and remain consistent throughout your whole company. A way to ensure this occurs is to make sure your whole sales team is aware of the sales process and are consistent with their delivery of this for every customer. Also, ensure that every sales rep is trained in the same way to ensure that customers get the same service across your company. Having a repeatable, customer-centered sales process ensures that you will bring value to the customer before anything else.

Continue to review and improve your sales effectiveness:

As technology evolves and customer needs change, make sure you are always reviewing and adapting your sales process to keep improving your sales effectiveness. A great way to review this is by requesting customer feedback to get their opinion on how they were sold their service or product and whether your company’s sales team could improve in anyway.

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