Sales methods and techniques in 2022 and 2023

In this article we outline some of the best sales methods and techniques for 2022 and 2023.

Shark Finesse
September 23, 2022

It can be easy to get yourself into a sales rut meaning you may struggle to continue to make sales with your existing sales techniques. If you are in this situation, it may mean that it is time to adjust your sales methods and techniques for you to start seeing more results.

Due to the ever-changing world, the sales techniques that worked two or more years ago may not be as effective now. For you to start seeing results again you will need to shift your sales methods and techniques and create a new plan to increase your sales.

Below we have outlined some of the best sales methods and techniques for 2022 and 2023.

1. Tell a great story. When selling your product one of the best ways to secure that sale is to put yourself in the buyer's shoes and find ways to convince them that they need your product. To do this, put them as the main protagonist in your story and show how your product or service can tackle their problem. This way, the buyer can easily picture how your product or service will help them and will make your brand memorable in the buyer’s head for potential future sales.

2. While convincing the customer why they may need your product, make sure to magnify their pain for the problem they have. Doing this makes people more likely to buy a product if they feel like they really need it. For example, if they are losing hundreds of hours on slow equipment before purchasing your product, emphasise this during the sales pitch.

3. Personalise all your communications specifically for your target audience. Instead of easily sending a generic marketing email to your whole mail list, it is always best to create several different emails to target specific groups. This will make your potential buyers feel as though you are providing a more personal experience and that you do really care about their needs, developing a deeper relationship with your buyers.

4. Do regular follow ups and make sure to always get feedback from previous customers. It is always best to know what your target audience did or didn’t like about your product or service to help influence the way you market products or services in the future to gain more sales. Research suggests that on average, five follow up emails will yield successful conversions with most buyers.

5. Make sure to focus on real data to help influence your marketing techniques to help gain the most sales. Your sales techniques should not be guesswork, they should be based on real data from customer surveys, feedback, interviews and more. The more you find out from your existing customers, the better you can tailor your sales techniques to reach out to future buyers.

6. Lastly, use social selling. This includes interacting with potential customers on social media through messaging, commenting, liking and engaging with buyers. Nearly everyone has social media nowadays, meaning it is a key tool to use in the modern day for selling your product or service, so it is very important to make potential customers aware of your brand and products through this selling platform.

What we do

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