Top business justification methods

This article discusses the best ways to help justify to your customer why they should be investing in your solution.

Shark Finesse
May 11, 2022

What is business justification and why is it important?

Business justification is presented in a business case and allows companies to assess the desirability, reasonableness and purposefulness of a future project or activity.

It is important to present business justification as it is important to give clear details based on facts for the reasons to go ahead with a project prior to the approval of the business case. A project should never go ahead before it has been justified to benefit the business. To ensure the best results of your project, it is also useful to conduct this justification process at different intervals during the project.

Top business justification methods:

In your business case, it is necessary to include all the basic and essential information, but how do you communicate and justify this in an effective way and make the idea stand out?  

Use the right medium: After you have everything you need included in the business case, you need to present it in an interesting way. You may want to mix up the delivery method of your business case depending on who your audience is and what they will be most receptive to. Sometimes, a text-heavy document may not be appropriate for your audience or the stage that they are at in the sales cycle, so, you may want to try a slideshow with visuals such as graphs and animated infographics. You could even create a video to help convey your justification. Or, you could send a combination of all of these outputs to your customer!

Lead with the need: From the very beginning of trying to justify your project to stakeholders, immediately lead with the business need you are addressing. This will grab their attention and help them to understand your intentions straight away, without any confusion. If the need isn’t apparent, convincing, or clear from the beginning it may be difficult for you to get their support.  

Create a story: You may feel that sticking to the facts and figures is the best way to justify and persuade your stakeholders, however, try including a human / emotive element too. This will help justify the need for the project for your business by helping to make the case more memorable. You could do this by including testimonials from actual customers or information about how the project will actually help employees.

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