What is consultative selling?

In this article we discuss the benefits of implementing a consultative selling approach.

Shark Finesse
September 19, 2023

Good sales is all about the relationship between the sales rep and the prospect. One thing that all customers want is to feel that they are getting a personalised experience from a sales rep. They want to feel as though their issues are being listened to and that the sales rep is finding them the best solution for their specific needs. Developing this relationship can be difficult at times, however consultative selling is a way around this.

Consultative selling can be described as a more investigative approach to selling. This way of selling focuses on creating value and trust between a prospect and a salesperson before offering them a solution. This allows sellers to find out the customer’s needs faster and give them more compelling solutions. When using a consultative selling approach, usually the main objective is to build a relationship with the customer before presenting them with the right suited product. Implementing consultative selling can be by asking your prospect questions, listening to their needs and then finding and personalising your product or service to them. Below, we discuss the benefits of consultative selling and some of the ways you can be a success when it comes to this approach.

Benefits of consultative selling:

There are many benefits to consultative selling. The first is that this approach to selling directly improves a business’ sales process. This is because this way of selling focuses on reading the customer’s needs more than anything else, meaning that the sales representative is able to keep up with the clients needs, leading to them making better decisions leading to a sale being closed. Another benefit of consultative selling is that this may lead to your business increasing their revenue through both new and existing customers. This is due to this way of selling using empathy with customers which builds up more trust and loyalty with customers both old and new. This will build stronger relationships, leading to those customers being more likely to purchase from your company again in the future. Not only this, but if they have had a good experience, they are more likely to recommend your company to others. A third benefit of consultative selling is that this way of selling helps you to have an advantage over your competitors. This is due to other companies offering the same product features, however using this consultative approach will give you the upper hand as you are offering a more personalised value to the product that your competitors may not provide.

How to be successful when it comes to consultative selling:


You may be wondering how you can start using a consultative selling approach. Below, we give you some tips on how to be successful when it comes to consultative selling.

- Research everything about your products: you need to ensure you have a solid understanding of the product or service you are selling, as without this, there will be no way you can attempt to personalise this to your prospect.

Establish a clear sales roadmap: having a clear sales process for consultative selling is key if you do not want to risk losing prospects. Without this, you may skip vital steps in the sales process.

Listen to your prospect: you must be able to actively listen to your prospects problems in order for you to offer a suitable solution. Don’t make assumptions about what they may need, listen to them carefully and offer them several solutions of how to resolve their problems.

- Demonstrate the value of your product or service: focus on the benefits your product or service will bring to your prospect. You are focusing on the outcome it will bring, rather than the product itself.

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