What is sales communication?

We discuss exactly what sales communication is, why it is important and how to improve sales communication in your business.

Shark Finesse
July 12, 2023

Creating a meaningful connection with a buyer is one of the most important things to achieve when aiming to close a sale. One of the best ways to create this connection is through sales communication. We discuss exactly what sales communication is, why it is important and how to improve sales communication in your business.

Description of sales communication:

Sales communication can be defined as the passing of meaningful messages between a customer and salesperson. This type of communication is a technique salespeople use to persuade a prospect to buy a product or service. Some examples of what is included when conducting sales communication includes explaining the details about a product or service which explains how this may solve the prospect’s problem as well as using sales communication to answer any questions they may have. Sales communication can be carried out in various types of forms including verbal, social media, emails, calls, presentations, and much more.

Why is sales communication important?

There are many reasons why sales communication is important and is something that all companies should focus on in order to be a success. Firstly, sales communication helps to raise awareness about a product or service a company offers. The more you communicate well with a prospect about a particular product or service, the more they will know about it, and the more likely they will follow through with a sale. Secondly, sales communication is important as it helps to propose the product value against the product pricing. The price of the product or service is most likely the first thing a prospect sees, so ensuring you explain and enforce the value that your product or service brings compared to the price is vital in making your prospect believe that your item will benefit them. Not only this, another reason sales communication is important is that it helps you to highlight the key features your product or service offers. This is particularly important if the product has complex features that need to be easily explained to the prospect. You could highlight these features through infographics or charts. Lastly, sales communication is important and it helps to develop a rapport with prospects. If you build a sense of trust and loyalty with prospects when communicating well with them, they are more likely to close a sale and / or return and purchase from your company again in the future.

How to improve sales communication?

Every business has different ways of selling. Research suggests that 94% of the sales communication we do is non-verbal. Ensure you are following these tips to help improve your sales communication skills:

1. Research your products and services well

The first thing to ensure before you approach a prospect and begin your sales communication techniques is to make sure you know your product or service inside out. Knowing how you describe your product is very important as this will enable you to communicate clearly and concisely to your prospect. This also will allow you to have the confidence to answer any challenging questions that may arise.

2. Create a strategy and practice this

Make sure you plan a communication strategy to use when speaking to prospects to ensure you remain confident throughout the selling process. Think about the different ways you are going to communicate with your prospect and at what point in the sales cycle. Don’t forget to also take into consideration your prospect’s preferred way of communicating.

3. Gain customer feedback after closing a sale

One of the best ways to improve your sales communication skills is to gain feedback from previous customers. This is a great way to find out what the customer liked as well as ways that they thought you could improve your communication skills. This is then an easy thing to implement during your next sale.

What we do

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