What is sales readiness?

Let's talk all things sales readiness; why its important and why its different to sales enablement.

Shark Finesse
January 13, 2022

In recent years, sales cycles have become a lot more complex and can take a lot longer to finalise. To help make more effective and efficient sales, many companies are using the process of sales readiness with their sales representatives.

Sales readiness is the process of equipping salespeople with the knowledge and skills required to have the conversations with customers through their buying journey and assessing whether they have those skills. This should be a continuous process to ensure everyone in the business is prepared properly to execute the business’ objectives and maximise productivity. Included in the sales readiness process are equipping sales reps with the skills needed for building a good rapport, creating effective conversation starters, moving past rejection and identifying new opportunities.

Why is sales readiness important?

The main benefit of using the sales readiness process in your company is that it gives your employees the skills they need to be able to sell your products to customers and become more successful sales representatives. There is more to selling than just knowledge and training, meaning sales readiness is a very important process to implement in your business as your sales reps need to be ready to take on valuable customer conversations. It is important to any business that customers leave conversations with sales reps feeling that their time was well spent talking to them as this will make it more likely for them to go through with a sale and potentially return to your company again in the future.

How does sales readiness differ from sales enablement?

There can be some confusion between the terms sales readiness and sales enablement as they are both key to driving successful outcomes in your business, however, although they both share a common goal, there is a difference.

Sales enablement is providing sales reps with everything they need to make a sale whereas sales readiness is making sure they’re prepared for real world sales conversations. For example, sales enablement could be where a company provides access to a variety of tools to help sales reps make a sale e.g. CRM systems and training materials, whereas sales readiness is the process of actively engaging with these tools to retain this information through regular training sessions. Using sales readiness to support sales enablement is a great process to consider using to ensure your sales reps have the skills to help your company achieve better results.

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