Benefit modifiers

Modifiers have now been added to the functionality of each benefit. You can adjust each year of the benefit to include the following:

Adoption - The initial purchase of a product or solution may not all be consumed at the very start of implementation so use the adoption modifier to reflect this. A simple example of this would be if 10 x licenses are purchased from a software supplier however the user allocation will be phased through the year so you will not have 100% adoption from day 1 so you may choose to modify the year 1 adoption rate to 50%.

Risk - Is there a risk that this benefit won't actually be achieved within the time scales that you have discussed with your customer? This could be due to reasons outside of your control.

Growth - This functionality is different to the overall benefit growth feature as you can now edit the growth on an annual basis.

Benefit modifiers can be found underneath the notes section within the benefit:

What we do

At Shark Finesse we have developed an enterprise-grade cloud application to help businesses standardise and simplify their value engagements across the entire customer journey.

Shark, a business value engagement platform used by 1000’s of customer-facing teams globally (e.g. pre-sales, sales, value teams, and customer success) is easy to use, intuitive and usable directly with the customer to negotiate the likely business returns from investing in a solution.

By adopting the Shark approach you will fundamentally transform conversations with new and existing customers, close more business, and differentiate from the competition.