Revamped Benefits Section: Seamlessly Integrated Benefit Layout Designer

In our continuous effort to enhance Shark software, we have taken a fresh approach to the Benefits section and the Benefit Layout Designer. As our product evolved, we noticed a natural convergence between these two components, leading us to reimagine their relationship. Gone are the days of navigating between separate sections. We have seamlessly integrated the Benefit Layout Designer directly into the Benefits section. This cohesive design approach eliminates any ambiguity, making it easier than ever to create and manage benefit layouts effortlessly.

Here's what you can expect from this exciting update:

Effortlessly Reorder Benefits and Suites

You can now easily reorder benefits and suites directly within the Benefits section. Simply drag and drop them using the drag handles into your preferred order, providing you with complete control over the layout.

Note: The way drag and drop works has changed slightly. Now each button has a drag handle in the top left corner when rolled over.

Flexible Suite Headings

Update suite headings at any time to ensure they accurately represent the content within. With the revamped Benefits section, you have the flexibility to make changes whenever needed.

Enhanced Benefit Context Menu

From the benefit context menu, you can now duplicate, delete, or reset a benefit, giving you more flexibility and control over your layouts.

Expanded Suite Context Menu

The suite context menu now offers even more options. You can duplicate, delete, reset, move, or add a new suite directly from the context menu, providing a streamlined editing experience.

Clear All Benefits and Suites

Quickly clear all benefits and suites in one go using the new toolbar button. This feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to start fresh with ease.

Seamlessly Add Benefits

Adding benefits to any suite is now easier than ever. With the new "add benefits" button, you can effortlessly include benefits in your layouts, enhancing the overall user experience.

Preview Benefits

Preview a benefit before adding it to a layout. This feature allows you to ensure that the benefit aligns with your requirements, helping you make informed decisions.

With these exciting updates, the Benefits section and Benefit Layout Designer in Shark software are more powerful and user-friendly than ever before. We are confident that these enhancements will streamline your workflow and empower you to create exceptional benefit layouts with ease.

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