Session Comparison

The session comparison feature offers a dynamic way to analyse data across different Shark sessions. Whether you're tracking a project's progress or assessing performance metrics (KPIs), this feature is designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding through an intuitive interface.

Adding Sessions for Comparison: Sessions can be seamlessly added to the comparison view through multiple ways:

  • Session Manager Dashboard: Navigate through your current sessions and select the ones you wish to compare.
  • Within a Session: Directly from an open session, choose to add it to the comparison view.
  • During Comparison: Effortlessly add more sessions as you compare, allowing for flexible and real-time analysis.

Comparison Feature Overview: The comparison tool is divided into five detailed sections, each offering unique insights:

  1. Overview: Central Comparison Table: Serving as the primary comparison area, this table lists all selected sessions. Expandable rows reveal detailed data and charts, providing a deep dive into each session's figures.
    • Value Comparison: Numerical data is compared with the preceding session, showcasing the difference as a percentage. A click on the percentage toggles the display to show the actual numeric difference. By default, sessions are compared sequentially, but this can be modified to compare all sessions against the first one listed.
    • Customizable Order: Adjust the display order of sessions using pre-set options or manually through navigation arrows and the 'Set as Primary' button, tailoring the comparison to your preference.
    • Grouped Data Representation: Benefits of the same type and costs with identical labels are automatically grouped, simplifying the comparison process.
  2. Value Realization: This section presents a year-by-year visual comparison of each session's costs and benefits, supplemented by a monthly overlay line chart depicting the Payback Period, offering a clear timeline of value realization.
  3. Benefit Breakdown: A treemap chart visually represents the relative size of each session's benefits, allowing for an at-a-glance comparison. Double-clicking on elements permits drilling down into specific benefits, offering detailed insights.
  4. Cost Breakdown: Similar to the Benefit Breakdown, this treemap chart contrasts each session's costs in terms of their relative size, with drill-down capabilities for detailed cost analysis.
  5. Outputs: The platform provides functionality to generate detailed comparison reports for the selected sessions, enabling easy sharing and documentation of findings.

Session Compare Demo

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