International Trade Terms

DAF - Deliver at Frontier

DAF is the first of the most stringent group of Incoterms - those that begin with 'D'. The 'D' terms are not used as frequently as the other Incoterms, so if the buyer asks that you quote using them, check it out.

The seller delivers when the goods are placed at the disposal of the buyer on the arriving means of transport but not unloaded, cleared for export but not cleared for import at the named point and place at the 'frontier' before customers of the adjoining country. The term frontier may refer to any frontier including that of the country of export; therefore it needs to be specified clearly to avoid confusion.

If the buyer wishes the seller to be responsible for unloading and the risks of the unloading from the means of transport, then this can be added to the terms of the contract.

DAF may be used regardless of the mode of transport when goods are delivered at a land frontier. When the delivery is on board a vessel in a port or on the quay (wharf), the DES or DEQ terms should be used.

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