Financial Terms

Credit Scoring


A statistical technique used by financial institutions to determine how much money to lend to a (potential) customer. This allocates scores based upon past performance, profitability, assets in the business etc.


Yes, this does occur for both businesses and people. If you were asked to invest in a business or lend money to a friend, you would assess the chances of getting your money back. You would consider other loans they had, their ability to pay interest, and form a picture of their 'financial suitability'. You would effectively 'score' their whole ability to repay.

What we do

At Shark Finesse we have developed an enterprise-grade cloud application to help businesses standardise and simplify their value engagements across the entire customer journey.

Shark, a business value engagement platform used by 1000’s of customer-facing teams globally (e.g. pre-sales, sales, value teams, and customer success) is easy to use, intuitive and usable directly with the customer to negotiate the likely business returns from investing in a solution.

By adopting the Shark approach you will fundamentally transform conversations with new and existing customers, close more business, and differentiate from the competition.